AQUA Magazine contributor photo

AQUA Magazine contributor photo

Waterman and renowned underwater cameraman Brad Doane has been specializing in underwater and waterborne projects for over 25 years.  A fourth-generation mariner, he has spent decades exploring the waters off his home in Southern California as well as extensive field experience internationally from the Sea of Cortez to Hawaii, Micronesia, the Western Pacific, Australia, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and locations throughout the Caribbean.

He has worked on projects for National Geographic, British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Chevron, Herbalife, SAIC/Maripro, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS), Mike deGruy/The Film Crew, PACE Technology, Diving Systems International, The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, J. Walter Thompson, and The Associated Press among others.  His fine art prints have been sold in galleries around the world and his photography and writing has been published in numerous magazines and books worldwide, including:  Ocean Realm, Skin Diver, Outside, AQUA, Santa Barbara Magazine, MACO,Discover Diving, Caribbean Travel & Life, and Sport Diver.

Brad Doane has been a judge and a featured presenter at the Festival Mondial de L'Image Sous-Marine (World Festival of Underwater Images), a featured presenter at The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles's Annual Night of High Adventure and the Santa Barbara Underwater Film Festival, a featured artist at the Mare Nostrum Exhibition and the Sea Film Festival at the Nausicaä Centre National de la Mer, and a presenter at the Boston Sea Rovers International Underwater Clinic. He is also a member of the prestigious Ocean Artists Society.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the Historical Diving Society USA, and was the Director of Film Archives from 1998-2000. Mr. Doane is the Founder of the non-profit Ocean Pioneers.

Brad Doane is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography Undersea Photographic Technology, SBCC Marine Technology, and SBCC Marine Science.

Brad Doane prepares to dive a modified Biomarine Mark 15 rebreather.    Photo by Mike deGruy

Brad Doane prepares to dive a modified Biomarine Mark 15 rebreather.

Photo by Mike deGruy